Offline Shop(P2P)


  • Shop %100 tested, good algorithm, don’t have memory leak and working with cache.
  • Shop can create any map and channel(without event and dungeon maps).
  • Shop have log algorithm(player can remove logs).
  • Shop price type is uint64_t(max value: 18446744073709551615)
  • Shop have 80 slot but 40 slot is have lock. Player can open with shop lock item.
  • Shop have decoration.
  • Shop have effect, only owner can see.
  • Shop have all seeing count and real time watcher(all player can see this statistics).
  • Add item or delete item can in own shop.
  • Withdraw all money get in own shop panel.
  • Shop title can change.
  • Shop decoration can change.
  • Shop model can change.
  • Close Shop.

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