Offline Shop & Search (v5)


  • *Note: Shop & Search 1-1 same like last shop update of Aeldra:

    Shop Details
  • Shop work with cache data.
  • Every method work with P2P and everything in instant respond.
  • Shop can create any channel and any map. (can block for channel or map index)
  • Shop can Remove or Move and Add item. (this future can be only for premium player for p2p)
  • Shop has decoration method. (only for decoration affect has players)
  • Player can buy item from any channel or map. (this future can be only for premium player for p2p)
  • Shop has average price method algorithm. (easy to modify or manipulate this method)
  • Shop has notification when someone buy something from your shop.
  • Shop has teleport algorithm.
  • Shop has re-back all items or re-back all same item option.
  • Shop has log method.

    Shop Search Details
  • System using shop data.
  • System work with performance %100.
  • System has unlimited page algorithm.
  • System has rich filter options.
  • System has multi buy method.
  • Search has search with item name or player name.
  • Unlimited category and subcategory algorithm.
  • Everything is instant showing in search window.

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