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    I have no idea about English, I have never studied this language. But after a misunderstanding Dracarys managed to understand what I meant and immediately helped me, he also immediately sold me the systems I asked for, when something did not work immediately he answered me and fixed it. Of the few foreign developer's that I have found that is nice, many are rude or if you have a problem you have to solve it yourself, with him that does not happen. Thanks for always answering me and helping me, best regards.

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    very good systems. he offers full support until it's fixed I recommend this guy !!! buy now

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    Hola, quiero opinar sobre varias cosas: 1- Sobre el, tengo que decir que la verdad tenemos buen contacto por que en todo momento ha demostrado ser un chico serio y que si hemos quedado en algun momento en alguna fecha no ha fallado, es un buen chaval bastante considerado, sinceramente trabajar con el es un gusto. 2- Sobre su competencia, realmente sus conocimientos son sorprendentes hemos trabajado bastante desde que lo conozco y espero que siga así, no duda en poder ayudarte e incluso cuando realiza las instalaciones de sus sistemas si ve codigo que es algo malo y mejorable siempre ayuda, en mi opinion como profesional le doy un 100! espero seguir trabajando con el bastante tiempo! 3- Respecto a sus sistemas, comprado gran parte de sus sistemas y todos trabajan al 100%, totalmente recomendable. Sin duda alguna es de los mejores devels con los que he trabajado por no decir el mejor!

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    Very good service fast helpful kind and has enough knowledge. The best developer I've ever met. Don’t make many mistakes and his systems work perfectly error free. I reccomend it to all servers!

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    This Guy is the best. we buy the Zodiak run and its all Clean and perfekt and he help so much Greets

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    I bought p2p offlineshop and shop search system for my game, it's really nice systems. If you have any doubt, it's not necessary You can trust him. He does his job very well, simple, easy reading, logic, and full performance code here. Thank you for service you N1

  • David 21.03.2020 08:18

    Very nice good and very good work. +10!

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    I bought the aura system, and the installation was quick, the after installation service was great, I recommend this person :)

  • Kevin Taff 21.03.2020 02:59

    I've been working for 2 years. He's a good friend and kindest person i've ever seen. I worked him with 5 different projects. He gave us support. We're extremely satisfied. He is pretty professional and maybe best in his job. Thanks for everything Dracarys.

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    He is a very successful person. It is a privilege to do business with him. I wish you continued success dracaryS.

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    Reliable, clean code, flawless systems, worth buying i love it.

  • Kai2 19.03.2020 10:08

    Very nice, i've bought and as he said "Logic and Best Code". No data risks, no server crashes, system works fine ^^ Thank you for service.


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