New Pet System


  • Pet max level is 120.
  • Pet bonus can be change with easy config.
  • Pet bonus not increase with level up. Bonus increase with special pet elixir.
  • Pet Bonus have level and max level is 20.
  • Pet Special Elixir have size like S,M,L,XL.
  • Every different size can be use 5 level. 4×5 = 20.
  • Heroic pet have 3 open slot. But extra 12 slot have.
  • 12 Skill slot open with special items.
  • Pet have 22+ skill book(can add more book with easy config.)
  • Evolve Step: Young, Wild, Brave and Heroic.
  • Each evolve pet 1 open slot.
  • Heroic evolve pet model change.
  • Pet can be transmutation with Stable Boy NPC.
  • You can choose any different new pet model(offical)
  • You can remove transmutation.

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