220FPS Mode


  • Clean & Short & Logic code.
  • Full tested.
  • C++/Python system.
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     FPS “Frame Per Second” is the frame that is transferred to the screen in one second. The most important feature for a player in a computer game is sound, image and speed. Sound is mostly connected to the computer’s sound system, while image and speed depend on the main hardware units of the computer. The unit that measures your computer’s processor, ram, and video card performance is called FPS (Frame Per Second).


     The FPS value you receive in games may vary depending on the performance of the computer. However, the minimum FPS value for a game should be 25. You can play this game easily when FPS 25. However, for games, the desired FPS value should always be 30 in almost every game. According to scientific data, the human eye and its human interface, the human visual system, can process 10 to 12 images per second that it can independently perceive. The films we watch in the cinema have more than 24 FPS ratio. So in a game you get the value of 50-60 FPS is not really visually important. However, the higher the value, the more enjoyable the performance.


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